BENZ M274 Water pump lever

Product No. HGB6065

♦ Manufacturer part number: A274 200 03 01 & A274 200 06 01

♦ Other part number: 2742000301 & 2742000601

To Improve and better BENZ M274 Water pump lever

Water pump lever is plastic, so it is easy to break. Once fractures causing water pum cannot move and make adjust temperature so that loss of function.

But after replacement of new products, over a period of time Water pump plastic lever will break.

HongMei company have already improved material for this problem, the use of aluminum alloy material,

sturdy and durable not easy to damage.

As long as the replacement of aluminium alloy lever can continue to use, also environmental protection and save money at the same time.


Here is M274 Water pump lever broken.


M274 Water pump lever (improved type)



Here has been installed in M274 Water pump lever